We provide a range of quality engines including Ruston, Bergen and English Electric. For further details, please don't hesitate to contact the engine expert team at European Diesels.

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Our speciality in supporting Ruston Diesel and Gas engines started the day our proudly independent company was formed by a former Ruston Senior Service Engineer. This continues to this day with the company continuing to employ ex-Ruston Engineering Staff.


Bergen Parts


We stock and supply spare parts suitable for use on BERGEN / Ulstein / Normo / RR Diesel and Gas engines used in Offshore Supply Vessels, Tugs, Tankers and others.


Paxman 18VP185 EDS

Paxman VP185

We hold a large inventory of new and reconditioned parts and also have complete VP185 engines in stock, including a brand new Paxman 18VP185 engine and 7 off Paxman 12VP185 engines, one of which was fully overhauled by the engine builder and has zero running hours since.


English Electric Heads feat

English Electric

There really is not a lot left to be said about the wonderful old ENGLISH ELECTRIC CSV/SV engines that hasn’t already been said. When looked after properly they are wonderfully reliable old girls and it is a testament to their reliability that so many of them are still in use around the world today.


Allen 8S12F coming out

W.H. Allen

We have previously supplied reconditioned ALLEN 4, 6 and 8 Cylinder BCS12D engines as well as numerous Crankshafts and Bedplates. The growth of this side of the business has seen projects involving the purchase and removal of W.H. ALLEN engines in power stations in the UK, Europe, South Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East.


DSCN0660 full


We hold a large stock of New and Reconditioned parts for DORMAN engines as well as a number of complete DORMAN engines, which enables us to offer competitively priced major components such as Crankshafts, Cylinder Heads, Connecting Rods and Turbochargers.


Perkins 4000 Parts full


We stock and supply a large amount of Perkins Parts including the Perkins 3012 and particularly the 4000 series diesel and gas engines including the Perkins 4006, 4008, 4012 and 4016 engines. We also supply parts for the Perkins 4000 powered F G Wilson generator sets.


NAPIER SA105 Two Entry

Napier Turbochargers

NAPIER TURBOCHARGERS have been produced for amongst others, the Rail, Power Generation and Marine markets for engines fueled by a wide range of fuels such as heavy oil, marine diesel oil, natural gas, HFO and landfill gas and now green eco-friendly alternative fuels.


Reconditioned Engines1

Reconditioned Engines & Major Components

In addition to the provision of Spare Parts, Service Teams and Technical Support, we can also supply engines, either complete engines or short engines along with major components such as Crankshafts, Bedplates, and Crankcases at significantly less than the cost of buying new items, offering significant cost savings to the engine user.


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Latest News

Ruston 12RK270 Reconditioned Bedplate supplied

20 Jul 2020

We are pleased to announce the supply of another Major Engine Component to a Ruston / MAN RK270 engine operator.

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Bergen KVGS-16G3 Gas Generator arrives

30 Oct 2019

We are pleased to announce the arrival of a complete BERGEN KVGS-16G3 gas powered Generator set.

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Successful renewal of Lloyds Register ISO9001:2015 accreditation

3 Sep 2019

European Diesel Services (EDS) is proud to announce that it has successfully renewed its Lloyds Register (LR) ISO9001:2015 certification for the next three years.

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Ruston 16RKC Gensets

30 Apr 2019

We are pleased to announce the purchase of a couple of ex stand-by RUSTON 16RKC engine powered generator sets.

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Fast Ferry / HSC

We are able to offer an extremely competitive Spare Parts and Service Team package to operators of RUSTON RK270 powered FAST FERRIES / HSC’s around the world

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Engines and Generators for sale

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