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Reconditioned Parts

Our company policy of purchasing redundant RUSTON/ENGLISH ELECTRIC engines and parts from worldwide locations has enabled us to amass unrivalled stocks of reconditioned major components such as Crankshafts, Connecting Rods, Cylinder Heads and Pistons.

This is greatly appreciated by customers with older machinery who do not wish to purchase new parts. Please check our 'Major Units' for details of the engines and major components currently available.

We previously received a contract from a large European Rail Locomotive company for reconditioning their RUSTON Cylinder Heads, and were very concerned to receive a call from them stating that the engine set of reconditioned Cylinder Heads we had delivered must belong to someone else, as these were new Cylinder Heads.

After quickly checking, we were delighted to confirm to their amazement that the Heads delivered were indeed their original ones that we had reconditioned for them and not a new batch for another customer.

RUSTON, experience you can trust!!


RUSTON 16RK270 Crankshaft andRK3C Connecting Rods & Cylinder


RUSTON RK3C Cylinder Heads on our
specially built bench for
testing, cleaning and rebuilding
RUSTON RK Cylinder Heads


8 RUSTON RK3C Cylinder Heads
after reconditioning


Reconditioned RUSTON ATC
Cylinder Head

Reconditioned RUSTON AP230
ATC & RK Cylinder Heads


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Fast Ferry / HSC

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