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European Diesels are a fully independent company specialising in Ruston diesel engines.

What is a Ruston Diesel Engine?

Ruston diesel engines were built during the 1940s in Lincoln, which were originally used as excavators, and power shovels. The Ruston engine was built by Ruston, of Ruston & Hornsby, an industrial manufacturing company in Lincoln who were leaders in heavy oil engines, particularly for cars and steam locomotives.

The History of Ruston

Ruston first began in 1857, when Joseph Ruston - being only 22 years of age at the time - joined forces with a company called Proctor & Burton; becoming Rustion, Proctor & Burton. Following this partnership they built a number of tank locomotives, as well as tank engines for the Great Eastern Railway; some of which were later converted into crane tanks and lasted for 84 years!

In 1918, the company merged with another called Richard Hornsby & Sons and become Ruston & Hornsby. At this point, Hornsby were leaders in heavy oil engines, having been building these years before Rudolph Diesel’s was even produced commercially.

During World War 1, Ruston assisted in producing some of the very first tanks as well as building 2,600 fighter aircrafts, including the Sopwith Camel; one of the best known fighter aircrafts from the war.

Following the war, Ruston & Hornsby focussed on the production of the Ruston-Hornsby car which, unfortunately due to its weight and expense, failed to take off and they never reached the production volume they had hoped for; having only made 1500 over a 5 year period.

Ruston & Hornsby become a leading manufacturer of diesel engines for land and marine uses, and then began building diesel locomotives from 1931. By the 1960s they had become the leading manufacturer in Europe, for land-based gas turbines, and by the 1990s they had introduced Dry Low Emission combustion technology, which lead them to quickly become market leaders.

Over the years, Ruston & Hornsby has been involved with or purchased by different companies such as, Paxman, English Electric, GEC & Alstom, and is now currently a subsidiary of Siemens.

Ruston Engines at European Diesels

At European Diesels, we are proud to say that we specialise in supporting Ruston Diesel and Gas engines. This started the day our independent company was founded by a former Ruston Senior Service Engineer. Our support and expertise in Ruston engines continues to this day, with our company continuing to employ ex-Ruston engineering staff. The experience of our teams has enabled European Diesels to become the leading independent Parts and Service support company to worldwide operators of Ruston Diesel and gas engines.

Our Range of Ruston Diesel Engines

Holding an unrivalled inventory of new and reconditioned parts Ruston parts, as well as previously-owned Ruston engines, this allows us to provide you with almost anything you need for your Ruston Diesel engine. We offer complete support packages for anyone operating a Ruston engine in marine, fast ferry, power generation, rail traction, offshore, or naval/defence applications, worldwide. This covers anyone, from the owners of a rarely-used standby generator, being tested once a week, all the way through to the power generation base load operators, and the RK270-powered fast ferries carrying large numbers of people across the seas at high speed.

Our teams, and expertise, means that we are able to provide anything from spare parts to providing an ex-Ruston service team member for services such as overhaul, repairs, or maintenance work, all over the world.

With over 50 previously-owned units in stock, we can also supply fully reconditioned Ruston engines, as part of a lifetime programme. The commercial benefits of this speak for themselves, as this service has been proven to be very popular with a number of Ruston engine operators around the world including Tug operators, Power Generation authorities, and rail locomotive operatives.

Get in touch with European Diesels today for all of your Ruston Diesel engine requirements!

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