Engines : Napier Turbochargers

NAPIER TURBOCHARGERS have been developing turbochargers for the last 60 years and their products have a high reputation for quality and reliability.

NAPIER TURBOCHARGERS have been produced for amongst others, the Rail, Power Generation and Marine markets for engines fueled by a wide range of fuels such as heavy oil, marine diesel oil, natural gas, HFO and landfill gas and now green eco-friendly alternative fuels.

We regularly supply parts for NAPIER TURBOCHARGERS including:

  • NAPIER SA105 Turbocharger
  • NAPIER SA085 Turbocharger
  • NAPIER SA084 Turbocharger
  • NAPIER NA295 Turbocharger
  • NAPIER NA297 Turbocharger
  • NAPIER NA395 Turbocharger
  • NAPIER NA397 Turbocharger
  • NAPIER MS100 Turbocharger
  • NAPIER MS200 Turbocharger
  • NAPIER C045 Turbocharger

Turbochargers work (in very simple terms) by using the exhaust gas energy of an internal combustion engine (which would otherwise be wasted) to drive a turbine and compressor. The compressor increases the pressure of the charge in the cylinder increasing the power to more than if the engine were normally aspirated. Not only can turbochargers improve engine performance they can also increase efficiency and fuel consumption too!


Napier StockNAPIER SA105 Two Entry2 x NAPIER SA105s

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