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Ruston 16RK270 powered Fast Ferry, Major Repair & Rebuild

A European Fast Ferry operator suffered a catastrophic failure on a Ruston 16RK270 Main Engine on one of their HSC that damaged the Crankshaft and Crankcase beyond repair. Fortunately we had a complete Ruston 16RK270 MK2 engine in stock with a standard size Crankshaft so we were able to immediately assist and our Service Team got straight to work to strip our 16RK270 engine for the owners technical staff to travel to our workshop and inspect the Crankshaft and Crankcase.

Following a full strip, clean, recondition and repaint of the Crankcase new Cylinder Liners were fitted and they were then shipped out to the owners workshop. They were followed by our Service Engineers to supervise and assist with the full installation of the Bedplate and Crankshaft, followed by the Crankcase into the vessel. The full engine rebuild was then completed, including the engine timing being set by our Engineers.

Full engine test and sea trials were then carried out during which time the repaired engine ran perfectly, assisted by the timing now being correct, much to the vessel owners satisfaction.

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Ruston 16RKC Gensets

30 Apr 2019

We are pleased to announce the purchase of a couple of ex stand-by RUSTON 16RKC engine powered generator sets.

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First Crankshaft of the year on its way

1 Feb 2019

We are pleased to announce the first Crankshaft of 2019 is on its way to the customer. The Ruston 16RK270 MK2 Crankshaft has left along with other parts required for the rebuild, including an engine set of overhauled Cylinder Heads.

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Arrival of RUSTON / MAN 16RK270 MK2 engines

8 Nov 2018

We are pleased to announce the purchase and arrival at our premises of a new batch of 3 off RUSTON / MAN 16RK270 MK2 engines.

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Arrival of more RUSTON RK270 engines

18 Jul 2018

European Diesel Services are pleased to announce the arrival of additional RUSTON / MAN RK270 engines to their inventory.

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Fast Ferry / HSC

We are able to offer an extremely competitive Spare Parts and Service Team package to operators of RUSTON RK270 powered FAST FERRIES / HSC’s around the world

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